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Wizard of Oz, 3D conversion announced for 2013

The Hollywood Repoter:

Warner Bros. chairman Barry Meyer and other executives revealed the new 90th anniversary logo as well as multiple new DVD and Blu-ray Disc collections coming in 2013, including enormous 100-film DVD and 50-film Blu-ray collections.

One such classic The Wizard of Oz, will get special 3D treatment next year for its disc release, which includes a theatrical release to kick it off.

It will be interesting to see how they handle the sound stage backdrops (like the yellow brick road going off into the "distance"). Do they leave them as flat backdrops to recreate the sound stage experience? Or do they convert the backgrounds into 3D even though the audience knows they are looking at a flat painted wall? I'm torn.

Backdrop dilemmas aside, this is great news! Could Singin' in the Rain, It's a Wonderful Life or Marry Poppins be next?

Read the original article at THR.


Smitten 3D

Musician, filmmaker and software developer Jeff Boller (a.k.a Simple Carnival) has posted an entertaining video session from Hack Pittsburgh called Animated 3D Filmmaking (a crash course).

The video is largely a behind the scenes look at Smitten 3D, his self-recorded and self-animated musical film. He takes us through the process of recording music, to creating storyboards, to animation and editing.  

But there's more! To perfect the 3D effect in his film (animated in Anime Studio), he even wrote custom software to handle stereoscopic sync and inter-ocular alignment. 

The image above is from a Smitten 3D segment called Everything That Grownups Know.

Check out the Hack PIttsburgh video on YouTube or visit the Simple Carnival website for a list of all available videos.


One of only four mounted Triceratops in the entire world, this one at the Science Museum of Minnesota is also the largest on display. Stunning to see in real life, and not too bad in 3D!

Learn more about the dinosaur exhibit at the musuem website.

Star Wars 3D, Eps 2 & 3 release dates [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Episodes 2 & 3 re-releases have been cancelled. While I'm super excited for J.J. Abrams' take on Episode VII, I also know this means we will wait much, much longer before getting the classic trilogy in 3D, if ever at all. Boo...

As reported by IGN and Marketsaw, Lucasfilm has pushed back the released date for Attack of the Clones 3D from Spring 2013 to Sept 20, 2013.

And in a surprise move they're releasing Revenge of the Sith 3D on October 11, 2013, just three weeks later. 

What does this mean and why would they do this? 

The original plan was to release one film a year back into theaters, for six years (2012 - 2017). Supposedly a Blu-ray 3D collection would follow in late 2017 or early 2018. 

That's right... 2018!

Who knows what the state of movie consumption will be in 2018? Will Blu-rays even exist? Will audience interest revert back to 2D (making the 3D versions a niche product for a niche market) or will we have moved on to Holographic projection of some kind (rendering simple 3D as outdated and old-timey)? Will we move to a streaming-only system where quality is restricted by insanely high bandwidth costs imposed by our service provider overlords of the future?

But seriously, they know that right now there is a market for 3D movies. Now it's just a race to get the 3D versions onto store shelves, while we still have store shelves to put them on.

The real news here is that we will probably get the Original Trilogy just a tad bit sooner. And that's what we're all waiting for right? They just have to get the Prequel versions released so they can include them later in the Star Wars Super Mega Ultimate 3D Blu-ray Collectors Edition Saga.

And that's fine with me.

Miniature Automata

I ran across these amazing creations on display at the Science Museum of Minnesota, on loan from Fourteen Balls Toy Co. and Cabaret Mechanical Theatre in the UK. So cool!

Learn more about them at Cabaret.co.uk.

If you want to get really serious, you can learn how to make your own with this book by Rodney Peppe.