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What's Up

Hello 3D Manifesto readers! I've been absent for a while. I can explain.

This site has always been a side project/hobby for me, and was initially designed as a simple gallery site where I could share my photography with the world in an easy-to-view format. Somewhere along the way it became a blog, and for some crazy reason I set the blog as the home page.

A blog on the home page of a gallery site makes sense when updates come at regular intervals, but when life/work/family gets busy, the lack of updates is painfully obvious. And you would be right to wonder if 3D Manifesto has met the fate of almost all other blogs on the web: a slow, neglected death.

But that isnt the case. At least, not yet. 

Since starting this site several years ago as a 3D hobbyist, I've been fortunate to have my work featured in a textbook on stereo photography, invited by Minnesota VR and HCI to give a presentation on stereo imaging, hired as a stereo photographer for a large local marketing campaign, honored with an award from the International Stereoscopic Union (ISU) and found my images shared all across the internet and around the world. That's pretty awesome.

I'm still very interested in stereo photography. I love it and I always will. There's something magical about seeing a static image in three dimensions, like viewing a tiny diorama of a moment frozen in time. But, life happens and hobbies change and for me that means less time shooting and processing photos. 

So... what's up? The site will continue at it's irregular pace and I have no plans to take it offline anytime soon. Popular interest in 3D has risen and fallen repeatedly throughout modern history, and the same can be said for my own personal interest in the subject. Not because I've lost any love for it, but because there are so many other things I want to explore.

More photos, links and content are coming. Stay tuned!

Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield, Minnesota

Click for larger version

Lotus Elise

Seen at Minnesota Coffee and Cars, 2014.

Great Scott!


A Geek Like Me

Check out this great music video from Jeff Boller's Simple Carnival. This is Track 6 from Smitten 3D, an epic "40 minute animated music video movie in 3D!"

 "A Geek Like Me" uses pencil-sketch animation, similar to A-ha's classic Take On Me video, and visually, this is my favorite of the Smitten films Jeff has released to date. The 3D effect works beautifully with the pencil sketch art, and the music, concept and animation all comes together nicely… in 3D!  

Check out more from Jeff at the Simple Carnival website.