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Peacock (Perot Museum, Dallas, Texas)

Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield, Minnesota

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Lotus Elise

Seen at Minnesota Coffee and Cars, 2014.

Great Scott!


A Geek Like Me

Check out this great music video from Jeff Boller's Simple Carnival. This is Track 6 from Smitten 3D, an epic "40 minute animated music video movie in 3D!"

 "A Geek Like Me" uses pencil-sketch animation, similar to A-ha's classic Take On Me video, and visually, this is my favorite of the Smitten films Jeff has released to date. The 3D effect works beautifully with the pencil sketch art, and the music, concept and animation all comes together nicely… in 3D!  

Check out more from Jeff at the Simple Carnival website.