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AR of the Covenant

Photo Set: Airplanes!

Click to view set.As an aspiring private pilot (one of these days, I always say), I'm a big fan planes, museums, books, images and movies celebrating flying machines. It's amazing to see what mankind has accomplished within the last century, and it looks even better... in 3D!

This collection of photos comes from a recent trip to Wings Over the Rockies in Denver, Colorado. The ever-expanding museum includes planes from every era, ranging from military to private to experimental. Visitors can sit in the cockpit of a DC-10, pilot a Wright Brothers simulator or watch an aviation film starring Harrison Ford, produced exclusively for the museum. They even have a 3/4 scale Star Wars X-Wing, just for fun.

While all of the images in this set are currently from the Wings museum, simply calling it Airplanes allows the addition of future aviation images.

See the full set in the Photo Gallery.

xkcd 3d

View original in 2D at xkcd.com.

Broken, by Stefan Voigt

O2 Filip Creates First 3D Slovakian Website

I can't understand a word of it, but it sure is cool to look at!

Fun facts from the developer: Created with Flash and 3D Studio Max in two weeks. Rendering required 150 networked computers. And 500,000 free 3D glasses have been distributed to Slovakian residents.

Check it out!

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